Daisy’s Pinner Kitchen Refurbishment

25th February, 2019

Daisy’s Pinner Kitchen Refurbishment

We will have a reduced menu for a couple of weeks, please bear with us…

What did we know about commercial kitchen designs in 2010? Absolutely nothing. At the time of opening we could have never predicted that our kitchen would be put under so much pressure and over the years our basic kitchen has been stretched to its limits.

We are very aware that one of our biggest problems is our food wait times and whilst being popular is a great problem, we know full well that it should be a ‘Daisy’s’ problem and not that of our customers.

So… we are investing in an all singing, all dancing, much larger kitchen. Scott our head chef and Matt general manager have had lots of fun designing their dream kitchen and what they will be getting is pretty close to that!!

Our new kitchen will streamline our systems, enable us to fit more chefs into the kitchen and move around safely without bumping into each other.

In order for us to get there we have to de – camp for a couple of weeks. The Verden Gallery is being turned into our temporary kitchen and cafe area and we will have a fairly reduced menu Daisy’s refurbishment menu 2019

From Tuesday Feb 26th please expect something different in terms of choice but not in terms of quality.

We thank you for your patience

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